I first contacted Gemma a year after having a very intrusive operation that left me with consistent pain and had a great impact on my life. I needed to find alternative medicine other than what my GP could offer as he had run out of ideas,this is when I contacted Gemma. My consultation was professional, In depth and I felt very comfortable in her presence. After two sessions I was starting to feel better, and five sessions later the issue had gone, I just wish I had been in touch sooner, but I now have my life back and for that I am very grateful.

Rob, Bristol

I had some treatments from Gemma towards the end of my pregnancy for relaxation and birth preparation. The treatments were tailored to my particular needs and Gemma really listened to what my concerns were and what I was trying to achieve through visiting her. Being my first pregnancy, I had been advised to prepare for being anything up to two weeks late so on my due date I had an induction treatment and much to my joy went into labour only one day late. Gemma had shown me some pressure points that my partner and I could use for pain relief during active labour; as it was her preparation treatment was so successful that my daughter was born in a matter of minutes without the need for any pain relief or interventions. I recommended Gemma to the other women in my antenatal class and will certainly be getting her help with any future pregnancies.

Alice, Secondary school teacher

Gemma treated me for long-term back problems I got working as a Hospital ward nurse. She has a wonderfully calm manner, is very skilled in her profession. I felt benefits after just one session, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Emma, Bristol

Gemma has treated me for all sorts including general stress and tightness around my shoulders. I am always amazed at how incredible I feel after a treatment - Gemma's acupuncture has changed my life! - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Kate, London

Gemma is very kind and caring and has a thorough holistic and thoughtful approach to treatment. Her knowledge and passion also shine through. I highly recommend her work.

James, Adult Education Tutor

Gemma is thorough, professional and holistic in her approach to treatment. She is also friendly, approachable and warm. She provided a space for me to resolve a problem I'd had for months with love and care. The way she uses the needles is extremely caring and painless. I would recommend her to anyone.

Malika, Bristol