Pre-birth Acupuncture

Pre-birth acupuncture is recommended from 36 weeks onwards during the final stages of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.

Benefits of pre-birth acupuncture may include

* Reduced labour length

* Reduction in need for medical intervention (induction, c-section, epidural)

* Boost energy and aid relaxation in preparation for birth

* Calm the mind of any unwanted anxieties

* Nourish the blood to soften ligaments and tendons

*Aid in cervical dilation

*Induction treatment if needed to encourage a post date pregnancy to move forward

*Helping to turn a breech baby

“I felt relaxed and at ease in her company and I’m sure the treatment helped me have a safe and natural birth. I had a session with Gemma the day before my baby was due and that evening contractions started and the following day I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I would recommend Gemma to anyone, she is an amazing acupuncturist” Hannah Bristol

“Despite my fears I also managed to be relaxed during my birth- it was a calm and “in control” experience, quite in contrast to my first! I’m confident that acupuncture played a part in this so thank you Gemma!” Lotte Bristol